Friday, April 03, 2009

seen-it: West Wing (Season 2)

There were some pretty weak episodes near the beginning with some pretty implausible & out of character stories, plus a few highly contrived events. But things get redeemed again - including the unlikely Ainsley Hayes character.

Danny - the reporter, and the annoying political consultant whose name escapes me, both disappear without a trace!

Think I'm getting to recognise which writers do the best episodes and seems they let some fresh blood have a go at writing some. But Aaron Sorkin seems to be the key name to look for. The best episodes are definitely those revolving around political drama rather than personal interest storylines.

It was great to see the 4 episodes we must have missed out when we rented it last year - made lots of the later storylines make much more sense. Which serves to highlight how hard it is to 'dip into' ... it would be almost impossible to start watching WW mid-series or mid-season.

The climax is good though nowhere near as dramatic as the first season's. And it'll be interesting to see how they write themselves out of the kind of plot 'black hole' they seem to have concluded themselves with [who is possibly going to vote for him now?!]

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