Monday, April 06, 2009

seen-it: Indianna Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Finally got round to letting JE view this after he won the box set a year ago.

Must be my 4th or 5th viewing at least and it's still entertaining. It's also amazing just how much of the plot I seem to have forgot each time!

Our hesitation in letting JE watch it any sooner was because on vetting it we'd forgotten just how much shocking content there was and feared nightmares. Well, despite shielding him from the final face-melting scene, he still had nightmares that night! And the plot was just a little too complex for him to follow un-aided. [Also forgot about the couple of swearing incidents ... not picked up on thankfully].

He's seen "Last Crusade" already (least gruesome) and he won't be watching "Temple of Doom" at all - a bad film and far too dark/scary. Don't think he'll be too bothered about seeing "Raiders" again for quite a while. But thankfully, it's not a chore even after so many times.

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