Friday, April 03, 2009

seen-it: Kung Fu Panda

Originally saw it at the iMax with responsibility for about 30 kids so was familiar with it. But my overall memory was of trying to keep one of our more 'special' children quiet & entertained! Watching it again in the more relaxed setting and greatly reduced screen size was far more pleasurable.

A great film, enjoyed by both me & MA. All the brood enjoyed it on an action level but not entirely convinced that they got any of the nuances beyond "they're the goodies, he's the baddy". But even enjoying it simply on an action level gave plenty of interest. And quite a few laughs for brood and parents. Jack Black is the perfect casting for the main character.

Animation is superb - and watching the "making of" on the extras gives an incredible insight into the high production standards of these animations (can't say I'd even noticed the length of the Panda's fur!). The technical benchmark for these big release animations is now incredibly high.

The "you can be a hero if you believe you can be" message is not laid on too thick and so is quite palatable.

JE tried the wushu finger hold on me the other day - so it's made an impression on him! There's not be any demands for a re-screening yet - though I wouldn't mind if there were.

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