Thursday, April 02, 2009

seen-it: WALL-E

Got mixed reviews from people I know so didn't really have much in the way of expectations. I was left disappointed by "Cars" so was keen to see what they did with this.

Anyhow, turns out to be a real crowd pleaser in our household - JE & AJ are re-watching it pretty regularly. And even I wouldn't mind watching it again. Which is always a sign of success for a family film.

The graphics are as astounding as ever but don't get the feeling they've put in lots of superfluous scenes simply to showcase the graphics (ala "Cars"). The environmental message is overt but not overly patronising or nauseating. Lots of great little subtleties for us grown-ups.

It was interesting too how they built up the story. When you've got almost no dialogue, to keep the attention for 100mins is quite a tall order, but they got it just right - introducing a new layers & scenarios at regular intervals. The 100 mins whizzed by, whereas Cars 118 mins felt much longer. Another Pixar household hit!

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