Friday, April 03, 2009

seen-it: West Wing (Season 1)

Definitely made more sense 2nd time around! A very good choice of Christmas present by me I think.

The characters get really well established and the storylines are all pretty much top class. Sam & the call girl is the one that always seems the most implausible. And the end of season climax was just as gripping 2nd time around which says something.

It's definitely worth all the accolades it. Good, thought provoking, adult drama. What TV was meant for really. It's only weakness is that the characterisations are so strong and the storylines so interwoven that I can understand why I was turned off by it when I did see some of it on TV - unless you watch it all, it's hard to watch each episode as a stand alone (it can be hard enough when you have watched them all!).

There's still quite a few episodes where chunks of dialogue make no sense to us either - coz of jargon or US specific politics.

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