Thursday, April 02, 2009

seen-it: The Grinch

Bad memories! Saw this originally at the cinema with MA and another couple. None of us were parents at the time. Think the choice was this or "Unbreakable" or something similar. MA persuaded us all to see this and then felt terribly guilty afterwards! If I recall correctly both males fell asleep whilst females nattered!

Thought it would be interesting to see if 8 years, 4 children & lots of Dr Seuss books later would change perspectives!

Thankfully it did.

Firstly, don't think the children appreciated it that much. The Grinch himself is probably a little to menacing for our sensitive brood. JE had lots of questions about the plot and the incredibly well-done cartoonesque sets & costumes were obviously a fascination. All-in-all though, the Grinch himself was just too effective at being repellent and the plot just a little too incomprehensible for it to be appreciated by the brood.

Re-watching it with my new perspective gave me a much greater appreciation though. Jim Carey is superb doing all the things he does so well! And the set design, costumes & props are incredibly well done. It's hard to imagine how you could bring the worlds of Dr Seuss to the screen - but this is exactly how it would look & sound to my mind.

There are lots of nice touches (but can't remember them now several weeks later!) and quite a few bits that made us laugh out loud - mainly thanks to the talent of Mr Carey.

Not a superb film. Too cheesey a plot for us adults. Too convoluted for the little ones. But very well done cheese. And wouldn't even mind seeing again in a few Christmasses down the line.

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