Tuesday, April 07, 2009

seen-it: Mamma Mia!

Well it's been the film sensation of the last year so had to watch it!

We'd actually seen the Comic Relief parody of it first, and watching the film it was hard not to believe we still weren't watching the parody! After we'd realised we weren't meant to be taking it too seriously the shock at it's crassness passed. Basically, lots of fantastic ABBA songs joined together by tenuous links. But hey, great music, big name and lots of silliness. Harmless entertainment - though even in 'harmless' entertainment it's amazing how many insidious messages come across ... inconsequential casual sex, marriage redundant, gay equality etc.

Couldn't help thinking of Spice World. Interesting that Spice World is in the IMDB bottom 100 of all time, yet Mamma Mia! is up there with the best but the only differences are the high profile of the cast and the music. Both light hearted, self parodying entertainment. Maybe Spice World is worth another view to see if my memory isn't serving me justice!

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